Now I Have Nothing to Say

Seriously, nothing.   I’ll write when I’m inspired, I guess.  I just got into setting up this blog on a whim, and now it’ll be ready if I have something to say.  I think I like setting things up more than doing or having things sometimes.  The most exciting part of new electronics is setting them up, then they’re just there.  This comes from years of having to attach things to an ancient 19″ Sony with one coax output.

I have another blog, but it’s kind of dorky and I never got into it.  Don’t even get me started on Facebook! I’ll talk about this blog.  The picture is lovely but doesn’t really match my name, except the tree part, something to work on.  I just don’t want to start every sentence with “I” but I do want to get used to letting my thoughts out into the world even if it’s uncomfortable at first.  (Three times in one sentence, woo-hoo!)  Well, you can always edit.

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One Response to Now I Have Nothing to Say

  1. Alumina Tree says:

    Let’s see what this looks like.

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