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A Giant Cat

I’ve been busy today and I haven’t had time to take any pictures. Since cats are great and this big guy is particularly photogenic, here’s an enormous cat with a funny haircut. I was volunteering at the animal shelter when … Continue reading

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Washington Block

I had an appointment downtown today and I took some pictures while I was waiting for the train. The Washington Block is an historic building from the 1870’s built shortly after the fire. I did not know this until I … Continue reading

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Still Posting

So busy, which is wonderful. This is the one shot I took today that I really liked, a sad stray flower in the Trader Joe’s Parking lot. Another busy day tomorrow, woo-hoo!

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Architectural Artifacts

Architectural Artifacts is an antique store/museum/special events venue that salvages amazing pieces from lost buildings. If I were rich and had a really big house and garden, that’s where my money would go, screw the fancy cars and plastic surgery. … Continue reading

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Seriously, not in the mood. I just want to watch cop shows and eat oranges. Here are some pictures I like. A dancing tree A cooperative Cat A glamorous dog

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New Project

I was on the train today and I thought of a good go-to project. I can just get on the Ravenswood Brown Line train, and pick a stop. There are 28 stops and 28 different neighborhoods to photograph. Not going … Continue reading

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Black & White and Color

I’m figuring out how to put two pictures side-by-side in WordPress Now I’m just frustrated. I know how to do HTML and nothing I do will change the margins or the alignment or the excessive cell padding. I did get … Continue reading

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Street Level

A link from a random post that had nothing to do with photography sent me to a site with a Photoshop tutorial, so I’ve been researching online and playing around with levels. Seriously, ask any question online and there will … Continue reading

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Photography is a great hobby because you can do it virtually anywhere, at virtually any time, even while running errands. There’s always something to look at. Storefront animals Lurking supervillians And pretty tiles

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Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

What a perfect day to take pictures in a cemetery. Rainy, gray and really chilly. I couldn’t stay too long, I left when I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. Graceland is a really beautiful historic cemetery. Many famous Chicagoans are … Continue reading

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