Lovely Beasts

I’m going to see how long I can do at least a post every day.  I was raring to go but I got sidetracked and now I really want to get my errands done.  That’s OK, if you do something every day, even if it’s not great art and literature, that’s discipline.  You can’t always be inspired but if you plug away you’ll be in the habit when inspiration comes along and I’m trying to learn to let things out into the world even if they’re not perfect.

Now the lovely beasts:

A Patagonian Cavy

Such Dainty Legs

The Patagonian Cavy Scratching

Ahh, Satisfying!

A rather slender lion


This may not look like much, but I’m amazed I could get anything. It was taken through a window covered in lion spit over a sea of toddlers.

Sleepy Yet Noble

His Lady Friend

Big Paws

OK, not perfect pictures, not brilliant prose, but I find them amusing so, there you go.

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