I Want to Hang Out With The Fun People

I was looking at groups on Flickr. It never ceases to amaze me how pompous some people can be.  I mean, I think some groups should be selective, having standards can encourage  people to do better work, and constructive criticism is great.  I just don’t get the attitude.  It’s a group on Flickr, Dude.  And really, the quality of the photos seems to be in inverse proportion to the macho posturing. But maybe that’s what you need to sell yourself in  commercial artistic endeavors.  Good for them.  I was never very good at it because I could never take myself that seriously. You could call it humility or low self-esteem, or just a realistic perspective on life.

After that, I joined a group for fans of super-saturated colors


Then I found an amazing set by this man from Taiwan with wondrous photos of street cats.  He calls himself Barrier33.  Here’s the set.  The most recent photos at the bottom of the second page are my favorites.

It’s a Life Lesson: the callow, posturing, humorless hipsters will always be with us, but there are also unpretentious souls who just like bright colors and cats.  And that’s just great.

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