In a previous post I talked about my love of really, really saturated colors.  It all started because of this project:

Rhinestones from the party store

At least you can see them behind that pane of glass and all that plastic. Getting rid of most of the reflections took a ridiculous amount of work

This store had most fabulous window display, ribbons and lace, baby shower favors, brides, grooms, little gazebos for quinceanera figurines, and the best thing, a wedding cake topper with two grooms. For some reason I found this hilarious and really wanted to take a picture of it. By the time I grabbed my camera and went there after several months it was gone. So I went inside, asked permission and went to town.  Alas, there were no cake toppers with two grooms left.

There were shelves full of tiny little people frozen in festive poses, so many colors, so much net and glitter, it was wonderful but I didn’t know how they would look with the flat fluorescent lighting and my primitive equipment. When I got them on my laptop and started Photoshop, I knew that just bumping up the brightness and contrast wouldn’t do much for these dingy gray pictures. When I pushed up the saturation along with some unsharp mask it just made everything look cleaner and more three dimensional. If they couldn’t be well-lit or in focus and least they would be colorful and shiny.

Young Ladies and Gentlemen

When you start to take pictures, you realize the world is full of visual metaphor, satire and social commentary, well obviously, we are in society. The things around you are a manifestation of that society, you just start to notice it in a different way. This group is a rather obvious example, but you can see it everywhere.

Gender and social control?


Class system?

The Elite

Women’s roles?

God's Child, A Lovely Young Lady, Then Comes THE BABY

I don’t know what’s up with this one, I just like it.


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