Exposure Test Day

Went for a walk to try the manual settings on my point and shoot camera. I played around with the exposure and white balance.  This resulted in many unusable under/over exposed pictures, but it was good practice. I know I can make adjustments if I need to but I’m probably going to stick with mostly automatic settings and Photoshop until I get a better camera, and maybe some classes. It’s doesn’t seem worth it, I might miss more shots by fumbling around. At my level, it’s a numbers game and it would really be a shame to miss out on a face like this:

He looks like your sweet old granny

or this

He looks like your nice uncle Hank

I kind of like the eerie effect of underexposure.

Fairy Houses

There were a few shots I liked

I like big expanses of color

Where is Mountain Dew?

On my way home I bought this at a yard sale with the quarter I had in my pocket


How could I not buy a creepy coconut clown mask

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