River Walk

There’s a surprising amount of wildlife and greenery in Chicago. The first time I saw a blue heron I was getting off the train “What is that? It looks like a pterodactyl.” It wasn’t, but there are coyotes, skunks, possums and all sorts of birds. Once I read a story in the New York Times about a possum. It wasn’t doing anything in particular, just walking on some expensive real estate. Someone saw a possum in New York and it was in The Times. It featured a cute picture of the possum, much cuter than when you’re walking at night and a giant pale rat-thing is staring at you from a gangway.

It’s amazing to me that these pictures were taken from busy streets and alleyways in the middle of the city.

Boat Dock

It snowed today, but soon the green will be back


I have yet to get a half-way decent picture of a cardinal or the elusive black squirrel, but these guys are everywhere and they’re huge and know no one’s going to screw with them, so they just go about their business.

Yeah, that's right, we're Canadian, what's it to ya

I shall catch you

You can tell it's the city because of the squashed juice box

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2 Responses to River Walk

  1. Great pictures. I love urban oases. It’s so odd thinking about snow at this time of the year. Maybe I have acclimated to the South.

    • Alumina Tree says:

      It’s pretty odd thinking about it here too, but it happens. I was pretty surprised this morning but it disappears pretty quickly this time of year.

      Thanks for your comment, I was wondering if I would get any. I figured it was karma for all my years of lurking.

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