Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

What a perfect day to take pictures in a cemetery. Rainy, gray and really chilly. I couldn’t stay too long, I left when I couldn’t feel my hands anymore.

Graceland is a really beautiful historic cemetery. Many famous Chicagoans are interred there, Pullman, Pinkerton, the Potter Palmers, the Goodmans (of theater school fame) and all of the Marshall Fields’s who have passed on. It’s the cemetery of Chicago Architects, Jenney, Burnham & Root, Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe and many others.

The only other people there were hoards of teenagers and the grounds crew, but I managed to avoid them for the most part.

The crypts are beautiful, I love the copper doors.

Rough and smooth, detail and mass

The forsythia is in bloom

I think this one was my favorite of the day.  I love the textures and the minimal embellishment.

Stone, copper and moss, perfect

I don't think that little padlock could keep anyone out

O.K., maybe this one was my favorite

These doors make me want to look inside

The colors of the landscape were kind of odd because everything’s still kind of scruffy and brown but it’s not stark winter gray. There’s some color but it’s not too pretty so I did some black and white.

It's like a tiny opera house

I think I’ll take a tour there this summer.

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One Response to Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

  1. toemailer says:

    Nice shots, even Chicago’s graveyards seem to boast of some some splendid architecture.

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