Street Level

A link from a random post that had nothing to do with photography sent me to a site with a Photoshop tutorial, so I’ve been researching online and playing around with levels. Seriously, ask any question online and there will be an answer. OK, not every question (I ask some pretty odd questions) but there’s a lot of information about photography. Tutorials, shortcuts, Grayscale vs. Remove Color, and there’s always something at your level, from your family reunion to print production and fine art.

It’s really nice to have more control over specific aspects of the picture. I’m all for happy accidents but it’s nice when you can come closer to what you want with a little manipulation.

At first I was going back and redoing stuff I’d done before, and it did look better, more dimensional but you can’t keep redoing past work. Therein lies madness and then you’re George Lucas, just not as rich.

I just got some pictures while I was out and played with them.

Now that's RED

I just love glass blocks and rust

I came down on the side of Remove Color. I’ve always wanted to take a picture of this stairway, it’s squalid and compelling.

Film Noir

Practice now.

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