Black & White and Color

I’m figuring out how to put two pictures side-by-side in WordPress

Now I’m just frustrated. I know how to do HTML and nothing I do will change the margins or the alignment or the excessive cell padding. I did get rid of the table margins, which was way more time-consuming than it should have been. Losing the captions helped. I’m thinking this really wasn’t worth the time expenditure.

I was going to write about my experiments with black and white, but now I’m in an HTML frame of mind and not feeling all that creative. Topic for another day I guess.

I took these pictures in the courtyard behind my building. It’s just like Hitchcock’s Rear Window, except everyone has blinds and AC’s and, thank goodness, nothing very interesting ever happens there. Mostly people just grab a smoke or have barbecues.

I love this chair and the drops on the flamingo's neck

It's still a great chair in Black and White

I like them both in different ways. Now I shall have wine.

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