Washington Block

I had an appointment downtown today and I took some pictures while I was waiting for the train. The Washington Block is an historic building from the 1870’s built shortly after the fire. I did not know this until I got home and looked it up, even though I’ve been by or in it thousands of times. Literally, thousands. If you work in the Loop and take the train you see it.

I looked it up because I saw this:

This makes me sad but as least some of it remains

Apparently, in the 50s they hacked off a lot of the limestone decorations and covered them up with ugly 50s stuff, signs and fake brick and such. They made it a Landmark in the 90s and said that the limestone could never be covered again. They rehabbed it a few years ago, I guess they can’t fix this part, or it’s too expensive, or it started falling on pedestrians, I do not know.

It’s still a beautiful building

So much decoration

This isn’t the greatest picture but I liked it because it really shows the subtle details

The texture on the stripes is really cool

Chicago is a great city.

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