Cute Sells

Taking pictures of animals is awesome. Not only do I get to stare at pictures I would totally seek out online even if I hadn’t taken them, people will actually look at them and comment on Flickr. We all need a little validation.

Here it is, ultimate cute

It's all there, kitten, belly, tiny paws in the air, that face!

This little girl has crazy eyes.

Over here, I wish to climb on you

This is Target, it was her first day and she wasn’t happy about being surrounded by all the riff-raff.

Why are they in my room?

I didn’t get a really good picture of this cat, but she was so sweet and odd looking I just had to include her in the set. She was completely shaved on her sides and underneath and she’s young and really, really skinny. She looks like a little fox.

Someone should adopt this cat

She’ll be really pretty when her fur grows back and she puts on some weight.

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