Getting Behind

I was organizing my photos on Flickr when I realized I hadn’t finished processing and uploading the last batch I had taken. Now I have a big backlog and two blog posts.

This is Ravenswood, it’s a street and a neighborhood. The neighborhood boundaries vary depending on what the real estate agents and apartment brokers are trying to sell or rent.

This is the street. It’s actually two streets on either side of a train embankment with an underpass every few blocks. It’s not even that one side goes north and one goes south, that would be too easy. They’re two separate two way streets. I used to work at an office on Ravenswood and you had to be very specific when giving directions or the people would invariably wind up on the other side and hopelessly lost when coming to the office the first time.

It’s a mix of industrial and trendy, lots of interesting buildings.

I love glass blocks

This building was empty.

Greek key and rust

The train stop

I'm guessing this building was built with the original train station.

There are amazing buildings in the neighborhood

Love the reflection

This is a Chicago Landmark, All Saints Church, 1883

I think the Tyvek adds to the atmosphere

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