I went to take a picture of this mansion today. There’s an interesting mix of buildings in the neighborhood.

This is my favorite for the day.

This is the coolest building

I once saw this building in a movie playing Cicely Tyson’s mansion in Harlem. This followed the summer where, wherever I went, someone was filming a movie. I worked on LaSalle and they were filming there, and they made the empty bank in the Brundage Building by my house into a 1930’s pawn shop. They were also filming in the old post office. It turns out it was all the same movie. It was called “Hoodlum” and I remember it being entertaining. I realized that it was the movie that ate Chicago when it came out and I went to see it and I noticed the New York El train looked suspiciously like the Green Line. Then I saw the fake pawn shop and LaSalle Street all done up and it all fell into place. I also recognized this crazy place.

The giant statues are insane!

There were buildings made of red stone that were oddly decayed

This building is a mess

This building is better maintained but it’s still a bit worn. I couldn’t get a good picture of the pug guards, their heads were too bright and contrasty.

Pugs make everything 200% cooler, though I suppose they could be bulldogs

Some cherubs


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