The Queen of the Room

This is Fifi, she’s a sassy little thing.


What can you do for me?

She had just arrived at the adoption center and really took command of the situation. When I came into the room and sat down she made a beeline for my lap and when any other cat came by they got this…


Most cats are a bit disoriented and timid the first day, this is Fifi an hour after she arrived.

Look upon my magnificent belly.

She’s really tiny, I thought she was a kitten but she’s two years old and already had a litter.  So small with such a huge personality, I just fell in love with her but, thank goodness, being broke I couldn’t adopt her. She was adopted just a couple of days after she arrived along with another cat. I hope that cat knows his place.

Here are some more pictures of her just because she’s so stinkin’ cute.


Pretty Girl

Ok, this isn’t a good picture but I just had to upload it because it shows her scrawny little backside.

Too cute!

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2 Responses to The Queen of the Room

  1. SailorEdgar says:

    Fifi is adorable. I’m not surprised she was adopted quickly. When we went to the animal shelter in December 2007, Gracie came right up to us and let us know she wanted to go home with us.

    Edgar (of edgarandron)

  2. Alumina Tree says:

    My girl did that too. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been neglecting this place for a while.

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